Shaping your brewery’s brand voice Defining your brewery’s brand voice is an important element inyour overall communication strategy. coque samsung iphone 11 hoesje “Brand voice” is how you consistently communicate your values and bracelet argent cordon personality through words, no matter the channel or audience. goed hoesje Understanding your bracelet argent lapis lazuli voice is an oft overlooked piece of the brand bracelet argent indien foundation process. Whether yousimply stop short after fleshing out the brand’s broader visual language, or just think of it as marketing, neglecting your brand montre bracelet argent voice isa missed opportunity even more so if you’ve already put in the work to understand your brewery’s brand essenceand positioning. coque huawei How can we avoid this and make sure that everything we’re putting out into the world works to tell a broader story How can we make sure it all has the same tone bracelet argent madagascar and personality This process heavily overlaps with defining your brand essence, positioning and broader company bracelet ancre rose blanc culture. coque iphone As a refresher, you should check out these articles. iphone xr hoesje For now, let’s explore how to shape your own brewery’s brand voice. Define your brewery’s core values If you’re like most people, your core values were likely defined before you officially decided to open a brewery. There was something you believed in and wanted to share with the world. What do you stand for What are you unwilling to compromise on What do you believe and pursue every day How is your beer different These are all compelling and should heavily inform your brand voice and communication pillars. goed hoesje Where will you be speaking You need to get montre bracelet argent homme a sense of where people will come in contact with your brand and let the medium itself drive how you deliver the messaging. A blog, for example, can be an intimate place to share longer form writing and photos to give chaine bracelet argent femme people a glimpse inside your business. Instagram, on the other hand, can be a fun, quick way to bracelet ancre phrep acier inoxydable bleu marine show the faces behind your company. coque iphone If prix bracelet argent you’re doffing your rubber boots and presenting at a conference, or even a tap takeover, consider how you carry yourself and tell your brewery’s story. cover iphone 7 plus Common touchpoints include: social media, website, blog, packaging, print materials, merch, tap truck, growlers and drinkware or coasters. Often overlooked touchpoints include: keg collars, merch (beyond logo apparel), custom jockey box and brewery way findingand custom signage. iphone case Who are you talking to Who’s your audience, and what role do you play in their lives This process starts with your customers and can extend to distributors and other accounts. While all of your communication needs fitbit alta bracelet argent to be consistent, a distributor may bracelet argent maty be looking for more specific information than a customer. For example: A promotional poster to go up in a bar may have the compelling brand story behind a new beer, while a distributor may need a folder and sell sheets that break down pricing/production schedule/etc. coque iphone While the general consumer may not need this specific info, the distributor still needs to know the compelling story behind your brewery and the beer itself (name, style, etc.) and how that plays into your larger brewery’s brand narrative. Deciding bracelet argent guess on a tone of voice This is where you start to form your overall tone bracelet argent pierre de lune of voice. Like we’ve said previously, your brand name, identity and culture should bague bracelet argent directly shape this. coque samsung One of the best questions to frame this decision is to wonder if your brewery were a person, what sort of personality traits would it have It doesn’t have to be a specific person, though that can be bracelet argent strass compelling if done right think Sam Calagione or Jim Koch. One of our favorite examples is Big Lug Canteen, which stands out in a sea of dark, reclaimed wood clad Indiana brewpubs that allclaim to make the best beer with the best ingredients bracelet argent pour femme with the nettoyer bracelet argent most time honored (overly romanticized) methods, by actively making fun of itself. If you swing by the brewpub, you’ll see irreverent words like “Decent” and “Alright” to describe their beer and food. coque huawei This is further played up across social bracelet argent maille jaseron media as they promote and share negative Untapped reviews. coque samsung A few voices to try on: irreverent, bracelet argent clio blue serious, staid, countercultural, lifestyle oriented (outdoorsy, tech, foodie, etc.), proud, hopeful or sentimental. iphone 11 pro hoesje How would the tone of voice change, say, how you announce bracelet argent femme grosse maille a new beer you’re bracelet argent signe infini tapping this weekend Or, that you’re collaborating with another brewery If you don’t clearly define this, it can be easy to lose consistency as your brewery grows. cover iphone 5 5s se This can get even worse as you bring new people (communication director, sales team, etc.) into the mix.