Upstarts are making the jewellery industry more accessible for younger buyers With her brand, Gemmie, Nolan joins a collier homme bouddhiste group of disruptors who are bridging the gap between high priced, special occasion jewellery and a generation of consumers who are looking for an accessible way to treat themselves. Gemmie is certainly not the first company collier homme serpent to shake up the part of the bauble collier homme* market that focuses on luxe metals and precious stones. Fellow Canadian brand Mejuri raised $38 million in start up investment on the promise that women, not men buying engagement rings, were fine jewellery’s new frontier. Mejuri’s direct to consumer model allows its pieces, which start at $88 for a solid white gold ring, to be as accessible as shoes, purses and other accessories that are switched out on a seasonal basis. goed samsung hoesje “Mejuri was created to move away from the collier homme cuir et bois notion that fine jewellery is for occasions and towards the notion that fine jewellery is for whenever you want,” says its founder, Noura Sakkijha. coque iphone “By h&m collier homme focusing on establishing a brand that provides fairly priced, high quality pieces, collier homme acier chirurgical we have redefined fine jewellery as something within reach for both big milestones and everyday moments.” The brand also borrowed from the popular streetwear “drop” model collier homme argent 55cm and launches limited edition products each Monday, while building an efficient and cost effective supply chain for hand crafted pieces. iphone 7 8 hoesje Story continues below advertisement With its punchy, collier homme chemise Glossier like branding, Gemmie feels right collier homme de luxe on the millennial money. “It’s about creating a world around your products,” Nolan says. iphone 11 case Its tight assortment of responsibly produced gold and gemstone finished earrings and rings are priced within reach for a first foray into the world collier homme en or blanc of investment pieces. coque samsung custodia ipod cover The line begins collier homme acier carbone at $130 for a pair of hollow 10 karat gold hoop earrings and maxes out around $1,400 for a three quarter infinity collier homme maille gourmette diamond bracelet homme cerrutti band. coque iphone coque huawei Gemmie can keep prices lower than traditional fine jewellery retailers because its pieces are made to order, mainly in Canada. Most bracelet homme navajo are produced in the west end of Toronto, while hollow gold earrings are made in Italy. coque samsung “I think people forget that millennials are now entering their 30s and 40s,” Nolan says. coque iphone iphone 11 pro hoesje Designed and made in Los Angeles with a timeless, minimal aesthetic, Vrai’s pieces take sustainability to the next level through the use of 90 per cent recycled gold. bijoux personnalise cover iphone 8 collier homme argent cleor What’s more, the barbe collier homme 2015 brand recently acquired the Diamond Foundry, a company that grows above ground large bracelet homme diamonds using solar energy. Today, the Toronto brand comprises classics such as gold hoops, signet rings and collier homme tete bracelet homme fluorite de fleche bangles, which are created using locally sourced, recycled and collier homme noix de coco new 14 karat gold. coque huawei cover iphone Natural, untreated gemstones adorn many of the pieces, and feature a softer, unique pigmentation than the often heated stones used by mainstream jewellers. coque huawei “Our clients are interested in who is making their jewellery, where it is made, how it is made and what it is made from,” Shaw says. coque huawei bracelet homme recto verso To wit, many of the duo’s pieces, especially engagement rings, are designed in concert with their clients.