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The government run daycare organizations forum said that is Isabelloff the government makes decisions but does not instruct the professional how to implement them. In the current situation and without clear guidelines and minimal budgeting, we will not be able to open the dormitory on May 10. We will not risk toddlers and carers lives. . These are WIZO heads, Na Faith, Herut women, Experimental Society, Neot Margalit, Beit Ya Daycare Association and others who emphasize that unlike the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Akunis, who quoted the treasury, has not yet been agreed with the Ministry of Compensation for March And the Treasury pledge not to impose costs on returning parents to the routine. The private kindergartens forum, which includes all the private cover samsung j7 fenicotteri kindergartens, also said that contrary to the head of the Budget cover samsung a5 2016 con anello Department the crisis with the dormitories and private gardens was not resolved and threatened: we do not start negotiations with us earlier this week for us the school year is over. were joined by union workers in the Power for Workers organization who said: only was the crisis not resolved, but cover samsung BOSTON RED SOX Cover iPhone 6 / 6S s7 edge rigide there was no response to our requests to the Ministry of Welfare and no solution was offered. The 3,700 caretakers, who run a family home, are not eligible for unemployment benefits and only about a third have received a grant. Self employed, usually for a paltry amount of about NIS 2,000. We intend not to open the family homes, which serve about 18,000 toddlers, BIOSHOCK LITTLE SISTER Cover iPhone 6 / 6S even after May 10. A national dormitory that brings together cover samsung s6 iron man hundreds of daycare centers for 0 3 years of education and welfare entrepreneurs supervised ariana grande cover samsung j3 by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, which works in collaboration barbie cover samsung with the Ya (spring) organization of the supervised dormitories in the Arab sector, also announced that contrary to what was provided by the Treasury to the government, to the compensation required, we are in a dead end. Therefore, it will not be possible to resume activity at 10.5 in the 700 daycare centers of education and welfare entrepreneurs, which includes 50,000 children. As long as the unique compensation is cover samsung j7 divertenti not included, including recognition of expenses for renting and construction of the dormitory during the crisis months and as long as no coordination and assessment procedures for return to activity according to cover samsung s4 rosa the health care rules have been taken, the activity in the dormitories will not be resumed. In some cities, the curriculum will not be renewed, while many schools will gradually be renewed.

Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, Announced that the municipality will not open kindergartens and grades 1 3 this morning, with the exception of cover samsung s9 plus glitter the special education it will continue as it has so far.

and grades 1 3 cannot be opened on Sunday based on instructions given on Friday. Out of responsibility for the well being and health of children and cover samsung galaxy s6 3d educational staff, we will not be able to open educational institutions until after we learn, understand and follow the guidelines cover samsung galaxy j7 brillantini that will be given later, Huldai noted, kindergartens and schools are clean. The staff is eagerly awaiting, but we will not play by the rules of people who do not take responsibility. who had reservations about the sweeping closure imposed a month and a half ago and which caused the economy to paralyze, stressed that during the entire municipal crisis, all of the guidelines operated and in recent days the education system in Tel Aviv Jaffa was open on Sunday.

Ron Huldai. Photo: Miriam Elster, Flash 90

changes in the guidelines, rules and conditions that have come and continue to devour the cards and require us to reassess, he added, believe it is important to create frameworks for children to allow the economy to return to full activity, but the proposed outline is not a solution to cover samsung galaxya3 2016 the education system and in particular does not guarantee the safety and health of children. Gan Mayor Carmel Shama Cohen also announced that kindergartens and schools in the city will not open tomorrow, explaining that all want the return BUILT ENDURE PATAGONIA Cover iPhone 6 / 6S cover samsung s7 edge juventus of the children to the earliest possible educational frameworks and we have even prepared for them, but in practice this is still not really possible. government decision to open the school on Sunday in the format and conditions known will produce mainly BON JOVI LOGO Cover iPhone 6 / 6S chaos and discrimination between children and cities on economic grounds. to him, there are many more things to arrange before returning to school, including dealing with a situation where educators announce that they will not be worried about their health. will teachers be obtained when splitting a class into two sub classes that are studying at the same time to keep it afloat He concluded.

In contrast, some mayors have announced that educational institutions will open tomorrow. the mess and the fact that there are mayors who think and act differently than I BEACH JIMMY BUFFETS MARGARITAVILLE BEACH Cover iPhone 6 / 6S do, I applaud the government decision, said Givatayim Mayor Ran Konik, school administrators are ready to receive students in grades 1 3 from Sunday morning as well as grade 12 students. We are happy to welcome everyone who decides to come to school. Kindergartens is a different story. Here we all need more time and patience until the children are returned. in Netanya, Herzliya, Holon and other major cities, a gradual return to school was decided this morning. At the same time, Holon Mayor Moti BLACK VEIL BRIDES BAND COSTUMES Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Sasson noted that despite criticism of the state conduct, his studies in his city will resume. will come days of poignant and even justified soul searching, but in doing so we are committed to working for the crouching parents under the strain and the children who are brave for the frame, he explained.

In the meantime, Arab society also volunteers to return to school this morning. Chairman of the Hebrew Society Parents Committee, Ahmed Jabrin said that because of the relatively high morbidity in some Arab localities and the lack of resources to prepare the educational institutions for the absorption of children under the new conditions, it was decided to oppose the school opening this morning. are against the return of our children in the wake of the Corona virus outbreak Hebrew. In recent days, the curve indicates an increase, explained. We work in concert with all the representative bodies in Arab society and in every decision we discuss professionally. We have all concluded that in the current situation, due to all the data we receive from the Ministry of Health, students cannot be cover samsung galaxy s3 mini silicone returned to schools. to him, the data obtained differ from Jewish society. The situation is accelerating in terms of the outbreak of the virus in some localities. Don see the graph starting to drop. There are also the schools that are not ready. We the first to want the kids back to school, but what to do when the virus breaks out First of all health and we will continue to monitor and cover samsung galaxy a10 display 6.2" cooperate. fbq( …