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And you ready for that To cover samsung mini 4s change diapers at age 50

Meet Eyal Golan, model 2020. About two weeks ago he celebrated 49. A month before he married Daniel Greenberg, his partner for about two years. In a few months, their first joint daughter is expected to release into cover samsung s3 moschino the world. am in a very good place cover samsung s4 milan in life, he says in an exclusive interview to Ynet, am the most mature person in the world. Want my life, my home. For the past two years, I have been a man of a house like I never was. Does not make headlines. But if you ask him, it not by choice. headlines at my cover samsung j5 2016 con orecchie expense, he argues, not me producing. Go back, see where all these stories cover samsung galaxy j1 mini prime come from. On the agenda right now the financial, legal and media battle between him and his manager and partner for a decade, Benny Peretz. In a published article Last weekend in the Nights Supplement of Yedioth Ahronoth, the details were revealed behind the scenes of the conflict: among other things, the cover samsung galaxy j5 2017 panda two made mutual claims about astronomical duties, and viewed evidence of wasteful greys anatomy cover samsung j3 conduct and failed investments. The attempts at forgiveness and there were some, with different mediators were unsuccessful. The two are now in the midst of an arbitration proceeding in an attempt to prevent further legal escalation.

Golan is careful in his language when talking about the friend and partner who became the enemy. He explains that anything he qi cover samsung s4 says could hurt the arbitration process, but the explosion between them has also left emotional precipitates unpleasant to open.

You know how to take me to that moment where it all begins

son cover samsung young personalizzate said he wanted me to be a little more involved, that I would know and see. It happened after I told him, do we have We buy there and buy here. He told me ask and find out. So I went with him to the finance office, We sat with her, and the numbers were not as my son thought. In front of his face, his eyes, not behind his back. We call it irregularities. Do you remember that

You name it brother, closest cover samsung a10 rigida friend. What happened

come a long and beautiful way together, but you know, happens between spouses things don work out. We reached a place of exhaustion, both me and him, and that it. I not a man of wars and not looking for a fight with anyone. my heart, I still hope that everything will soon end on the best side. I really held him as a friend, and there were times when I felt he was even a father but that the way of the world. I get it all, for better or worse (Benny Peretz declined to comment) .

Do you love him today

love my people as a human being and I will cherish and appreciate everything he has done for me forever. I will never cover samsung galaxy not 3 neo forget, I am not a forgetful person.

So Eyal Golan is not a man riverdale cover samsung j3 who forgets and it turns out he is also not a man who forgets him. Almost every achievement, every performance, every project, provokes a counter reaction. And Golan is fed up.

whole life I have been trying to do good things, he says, referring also to the same affair that, as far as he was concerned, remained far behind but not so for his critics. a fucking hour in my life, and come see if I did anything against the law. I not a drug smoker, I cover samsung note 3 libro didn kill, I cover samsung mediaworld not an alcoholic. Okay, so I made an hour cover samsung galaxy s3 in silicone in my life, during the 49 cover samsung s8 orso years I was alive I was wrong and apologized. No. Morally, was there something wrong I apologized. What else to do Standing in front of a firing squad People did much worse things and forgot about them. So today there is the Who, and I am most in favor of it, and most support it. To cover samsung s6 fenicotteri me there is no righteous man in the women section. Some people beat women, for me it worse. I don remember if I even raised a voice for a woman. For me, a woman is holy. I made a mistake and apologized. Halas, let go. The audience or as he puts it, percent of the public loyal flip cover samsung quattro and dispassionate. They were the ones who voted for him in the various parades, cover samsung s5 tiffany and crowned him the 70s cover samsung sm-t335 singer in a parade of Nights which was published near Independence Day about two years ago. was sure it would be Eric Einstein or Shlomo Artzi, he recalls. cover samsung galaxy j3 2016 gatto morbido they tell me you are first place, in front of them, the readers have chosen you. The visitors. The establishment. The percent that deprives him, in his sense, of the recognition he seeks. I was referring to the media criticism, I would not have released albums. To date, out of 23, he has disqualified 22, he says…