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The head of the liquidity crisis committee at the Central Bank of Libya, Ramzi Al Agha, told Al Arabiya Net that he had confirmed and reliable information cover samsung j7 a libro about the existence of instructions from the cover samsung note 3 9005 governor of the Central Bank to the governor of the Central Bank of Libya, the great friend, not to use the Libyan cover samsung j3 2017 marmo balances deposited in Turkish banks until The end of the Libyan debt settlement, including the costs of military assistance provided to the reconciliation forces, and the treatment of Cover rigida homer simpson per iphone 5s iphone 5c iphone 4 Libyan wounded in Turkish hospitals, as well as the expenses of transporting Syrian mercenaries, as well as the implementation of judicial rulings to compensate Turkish companies for work and projects implemented in Libya and others that cover samsung galaxy s5 Custodia iPhone 4 / 4S Pantone IMD Black – I.T. Store Srl harry potter have been disrupted, It was not paid due to the fall of Muammar Gaddafi regime Sbs Cover rigida Custodia per Apple iPhone X in TPU colore Oro and the outbreak of conflict.

Business since the era of GaddafiMuzaffar Aksoy, head of the Turkish Libyan Foreign Economic Relations Council, stated last January that his cover samsung s6 kingdom hearts country intends to sign a preliminary compensation agreement with the Al Wefaq government worth $ cover samsung galaxy s3 neo con liquido 2.7 billion for work carried out in Libya during the Qaddafi era and the latter was supposed to cover samsung a3 2014 pay it before the 2011 war, explaining The cover samsung galaxy s8 cuoio agreement will include a letter of guarantee of one billion dollars, in addition to 500 million dollars for damage to machinery and equipment, in addition to outstanding debts of 1.2 billion dollars.

Erdogan and the OS (France Press)

New conversion!The amount of Libyan funds frozen in Turkish banks since the fall of the Muammar Gaddafi regime is about 4 billion dollars, and cover samsung a5 2017 mickey mouse the Libyan Foreign Bank owns more than 60 percent of the contributions of the Arab Turkish Bank, in addition to other balances deposited in the Turkish Agriculture Bank.

But the Aga cover samsung 5s revealed that the Libyan central bank, which has foreign exchange reserves in excess of 80 billion dollars, had transferred a large part of it to Turkish banks during the past days, two months after the transfer of 4 billion dollars, adding that cover samsung galaxy j5 2016 gatto all cover Glotweb Graphic Design: Cover Custodia Rigida Stampa mandala samsung galaxy j3 2016 ragazza of these funds are today according to the decision of the central bank Turkish is not disposable and can be used by the Libyan country.

Libyan bank (Archives France Press)

He also pointed out that Turkey is taking advantage of its close relationship with the Al Wefaq government to take advantage of the cover samsung a20e flip Libyan funds deposited in its banks in order to compensate for its economic losses and the possible collapse of the Turkish lira due to the decline in tourism revenues and the suspension of economic activities due to the Corona virus, without the slightest understanding of the difficult economic, living and humanitarian situation in which the Libyans live.

The Al Wefaq government is going through a difficult economic situation, since the tribes supporting the Libyan army closed important oil ports and fields, forcing them to reduce the 2020 budget from 55 billion dinars (35 billion euros) to approximately 38 billion dinars (24.8 billion euros)…